About System Built Homes

A “Systems Built” modular home is built in a factory and then transported in sections on special trucks to the building site where we will assemble on your foundation and then proceed with the completion process.

“Systems Built” homes are computer engineered to meet and exceed all national, state and local building standards. With hundreds of stock plans to start with, and the ability to computer-generate unlimited variations, the design of your “dream home” is only limited to your imagination.

As with traditional building methods, a “Systems Built” home starts with its framework. “Systems Built” homes typically contain 20% to 30% more lumber in the framing to insure a safe and secure trip to its destination.

“Systems Built” homes are stick-built in a modern, controlled facility. They are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free, structural durability. A quality control process provides assurance that the units have been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. In-plant inspectors, as well as independent agencies inspect the units on behalf of your state and local government.

Better Cost Control

The homeowner’s worst nightmare is to get half way through the project, and the builder tells you that your project is way over budget. Factory built homes are produced at a guaranteed price, except such site compilations as rock or unsuitable soils occur.

Best Value

Modular homes are built in factories and benefit from the assembly line process. The factories buy huge quantities of lumber, drywall, carpet, paint, etc., so they pay much less for each and can have large quantities delivered at one time. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsmen moving between workstations on the factory floor.

Difference between “Manufactured Homes” and “Systems Built” Modular Homes?

Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as “mobile homes”, are another type of building system and are constructed to a different building standard. This standard, the Federal Construction Safety Standards Act (HUD/CODE), unlike conventional building codes, requires manufactured homes to be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis. “Systems Built” modular and site-built homes are constructed to the same building codes, those required by state, county and specific locality and therefore are not restricted by building and zoning regulations. Your new “Systems Built” modular home is inspected at the assembly plant during each phase of construction. Evidence of this inspection is normally shown by the application of a state or inspection agency label of approval.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Superior factory insulating procedures and precision building techniques make the “Systems Built” a very efficient energy conservation home. This cost savings last every year you’re living in the house.